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Need for an Apartment Management Software

Challanges that UloApp - the Apartment Management Software - can solve in a Housing Society

UloApp integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together. UloApp is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup by the society. Following are salient features:

Society Accounting Tools
Including Collection and Payment Gateway
Help Desk Automation Tools
Smart Facility Management Tools
Community Collaboration Tools
Apartment Security

UloApp integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together. UloApp is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup by the society. Following are salient features:


Tired of maintaining multiple email groups, multiple excel sheets containing email ids, phone numbers, addresses, vehicle details of owners/tenants.
Treasurer feeling overloaded tracking maintenance dues from members, reconciling bank accounts and issuing receipts
Residents getting restless that issues are not getting resolved despite reminders and no one knows the status of the complaint raised
Managing Committee seems to keep discussing the same issues again and again with no concrete decision
Such issues and many more are common in most housing societies. In the absence of appropriate tools, management of the residential complex takes too much of time, effort and money with lots of inefficiencies. Help is here now, in form of UloApp.


Manage data of your complex (owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues etc.) from one place
Bring in transparency into the operations of the association and thus improve satisfaction of owners and residents.
Manage complex professionally with processes supported by tools, than being person dependent
Reduce total efforts being spent to manage the complex - encourages people to come forward to be part of managing committee
Check out our rich feature set that enables all the above. All these, at a nominal cost in form of monthly subscription. Even importantly, with zero investments on hardware or software licenses - you truly pay what you use for.

Be with the #1 Apartment Management Portal

We innovate, raise the bar, set the benchmarks in Housing Society Software!

Thought Leaders: Most of UloApp Features continue to set the benchmark for a Society Accounting and Society Management Software in the market which others follow. We are around1.5-2 years ahead of any other portal in terms of innovation. We are the first to launch several capabilities that raise the bar for Apartment Management. We are first to:
Launch Vehicle Sentry India's first and only RFID based Vehicle Movement Tracking System on Cloud for Housing Societies.
Launch Water Monitor India's first and only app to monitor Water Tanker Trips in a Society
Introduce India's first and only Collection Gateway for Housing Societies to solve the problem of NEFT reconciliations for every Housing Society
Gatekeeper an apartment security related product works without internet taking into view of Indian situations.
Bring Society Management to the Smart Phone Generation
Bring integrated solutions for Facilty Management Staff Attendance Tracking through Bio-metric Readers
Introduce Auto-Reconciliation with bank account, PDF Vouchers, LIVE Balance Sheet, Income-Expenditure Statements, Reciept-Payment Statements online any time
Introduce Automated Scheduled Reporting
Offer E-Acceptance of Bye-laws
Offer Complaint Auto-Escalation with Staff Working Hours
Introduce Meeting Management with E-mail/SMS reminders
Offer Billing of Metered Utilities such as water meters, piped gas etc.
Provide Secure Photo Gallery with ability to upload 100 photos at a time
Offer communication tools such as Community Wiki, Survey among others such as smart mailing lists
Most of these features are unique as well with no other portal offering them. Our latest innovation Collection Gateway solves the core problem every single housing society faces - reconciling NEFT transactions done by members. All these prove beyond doubt that we are the leader and we set the direction for Housing Society Software in the country.
Super High Configurability: We completely understand that your society is unique - you surely have slightly different needs than others - may be you want to restrict tenats from getting added with out lease information, may be you need to ensure only 2 vehicles for parking lot, may be you need defaulters to not vote on polls - what ever be the case, chances are we got it covered - we have innumerable options in our portal to customize the portal to your society needs. No one else even comes closer.
Data Security: UloApp is the first portal that offered and continues to offer secure browsing for your entire portal using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You can notice in your browser that even this page is served on https symbol. Https is not restricted only to login screen - but for every page to ensure data security on-the-wire. Read more.
Data Privacy: UloApp offers the most private portal in the industry. We do not bombard you to buy from various service providers to earn commissions. We do not show ADs neither in the portal / app and nor in the emails. We dislike ADs as much as you do.
Support for Federations: UloApp is the first portal that offers support for Federation of RWAs. Federation of RWAs can add member associations and easily communicate across ALL member associations. Notices posted in Federation can reach all members of its member associations providing a unified platform for entire neighborhood. So, its not just about your complex who can benefit - but about the entire neighborhood! SMS to DND Numbers: Ability to send important SMS to numbers on Do not call registry as well.
Easy to use and Robust Accounting package: UloApp offers "Complete Accounting Package" that can be used by Chartered Accountants and Treasurers with no accounting background with equal ease. In addition, UloApp supports multiple roles like Accounting Admin, Accounting Assistant, Data Entry Operator and Auditor to delegate accounting work with out losing control. Vouchers that can be downloaded in PDF form for reference and printing is a bonus. UloApp Accounting is designed and developed by team with real life experience in society accounting as committee members and treasurers.
Continuous Upgrades: Despite having most comprehensive set of features already, we innovate and enhance the software continuously. Quite a few enhancements are result of customer requests for new features. So, all our customers benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of societies. You can see the list of our product updates at Product Updates
Excellent Support: We strive to delight our customers. Period. You have live chat, email based support, phone based support, online help and manuals to take care of your needs. As one of our customers said, we offer 'lightening fast' support. You can check out more feedback from our customers at Testimonials

Data Security & Privacy

World-class hosting, zero-downtime network and real time backups

UloApp is hosted in a Top Tier Data Center that provides secure server environment. Physical access to the locked cage is protected by 3 level biometric access (2 fingerprint + 1 retina) control activated doors under surveillance cameras.
UloApp uses 256-bit SSL encryption for every page. What this means is that the data that you send between your computer and the UloApp server is encrypted. We do not encrypt just the login screen - but every piece of data (including this content) is encrypted.
Database is backed up and stored in encrypted form to offsite location every 4 hours.
UloApp NEVER sells, rents or otherwise make available your email address, phone number, address, or any other personal information to any third-party for any reason whatsoever.
UloApp provides a unique user id, password combination using which a user can access data related to only the complexes he/she is a member of.
UloApp supports role based access - due to which only users with appropriate role will see the information on a need to know basis.