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Uloapp aim to provide seamless communication between the Resident Holders,Employees and Maintenance Office through mobile technology.


Uloapp enables a centralized operation of society which helps them manage and monitor Accounting/Financial matters under one roof.


Safety is an integral part of society. Uloapp aim to secures societies data,assets and people digitally 24*7 in real time.

Customer Service.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Uloapp aim to provide a delightful customer experience(offline and online).

Society Data Management

Uloapp provides you the platform and tools to bring all residents together to build a happy community.

  • Maintain details on all flats/units in a particular tower or blocks.
  • Keep all data of the owners for each flat/units This will help in one click info of all flats.
  • Association of all staff allotted to a particular flat can be maintained in the software
  • If tenant, maintain tenant details: Complete details of the tenant residing in the flat, with no. of members in the family, vehicle owned can be maintained
  • All documents related to flats: Any kind of docs like lease papers, owner details, rent agreements, etc that are related to flat can be kept as scanned docs for access from anywhere any time.
  • Access to admin for allocating owner or tenant as active staying or not.
  • Cloud access to society information make it secure.

Vehicle Management

Uloapp provides you the platform are owned by the residents is available in on need

  • Database of all vehicles that are owned by the residents
  • Any visitor to the complex also require mentioning details
  • That's all mentioning details of vehicles they have travelled with.

Society billing/Accounting


  • Batch report print for utility.
  • Single click of owner's bill generated with sms /notifications /email
  • Resident utility bill generate according to sqft per month/quarterly/annually
  • Used in cases where Members are billed , typically for Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator etc.
  • Utility Bills are represented separately from Maintenance Bills - so Tenants can pay Utility Bills, Owners can pay Maintenance Bills through Uloapp.
  • Also Utility Dues are not mixed up with Maintenance Bills - so the Arrears shown in each of the Maintenance bills are independent of Utility Bills and vice versa.
  • Pull up a list of Utility Defaulters and alert them through Email or SMS.
  • Facility to Upload Late Payment Interest, Usage charges - additional Revenue for Society.

    Society Billing & Income

  • Auto-update of online payment made by the resident into the software against the bill Print open invoices and receipts in batch. Filter defaulters.
  • Late Payment Interest/Fine can be automated in a single click.
  • Supports different societies/apartment Categories and set charges differently.
  • Automatic Invoice generation against each flat/units for regular, fixed charges - e.g.Maintenance Fee.
  • Easy posting of amount collected, with generation of e-receipt which can be sent by notifications,email, sms or print.
  • Distribute a payment among invoices generated or automatically assign the payments on FIFO principle.
  • Post Dated Cheques can be tracked easily.
  • Financial details against each flats viewed with ease, with color coded lights to identify defaulters.
  • Notifications/Email/SMS reminder can be sent to payment defaulters, with amount specific to each defaulter over certain period.
  • Auto-update of online payment made by the resident into the software against the bill Print open invoices and receipts in batch. Filter defaulters.


  • Easy setup and tracking of Direct and Indirect Expense Heads.
  • Selection of Petty Cash / Bank Accounts while posting Expenses.
  • Printable vouchers/challans generated for every payment posted.
  • Outstanding dues against Vendors is available.
  • Multiple Invoices against a Vendor can be posted.

    Bank & Cash

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash.
  • Transfer between accounts, withdrawal to Petty Cash can be captured.
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy.
  • Export the above transactions to Excel and import them to tally if needed.

    General Ledger

  • Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense Account Heads all in one place.
  • Journal Entries to move money to relevant Account Heads.
  • Journal Entries to capture asset depreciation, bank charges and loans etc.
  • Free flow query to pull up transactions from any date and any account.

    Balance Sheet & Income-Expenditure

  • Complete accounting functionality - from defining a chart of accounts to the generation of the final balance sheet.
  • Individual sub-ledgers for all Units (Flats/Villas) and Vendors.
  • Flat-wise account statements and vendor-wise account statements.
  • Advanced functionality such as Adjustments (Journal Entries) to credit/debit to relevant Account Heads and Sub-ledgers.
  • financial reports available for view/ download.

Visitor Management

  • Generate Visitor Pass by filling up the mandatory details like Name and other details of visitor,Whom to visit,Purpose,Time in/out,photos,visitor code etc.
  • Security personnel also have access to give a print out of visitor pass and get manual confirmation also
  • Track,Record and maintain the visitors at gate
  • Residents can update "Expected Visitor and Pre-approved" details.
  • Security personnel shall automatically know about the Expected and Pre-approved Visitor.
  • Visitor shall receive an immediate OTP for hassle-free entry into the society.
  • Reduced work for Security personnel and Hassle-free experience.
  • Track and Record the visitors.
  • Record details (including photo) of visitors.
  • Mobile OTP send to visitor mobile for verification at the security gate.
  • Mobile Notification sent to Resident/Host for Approval for approval or deny.
  • Security personnel falls back to manual verification if no response is received.

Smart Facility Management

Uloapp provides you the platform and tools to bring all residents together to build a happy community.

  • Offer web and app based booking facility to all residents holders and admin.
  • Set terms and conditions of booking for Community Hall,Club House,Gym,Swimming Pool,Basket Ball Court etc.
  • Right administrator control to accept/reject a booking.
  • Automatically generate an invoice on resident app.
  • Comprehensive reports on availability,booking,revenue and usage.

Complain Management

Online Complaint Functions for Residents and Admin.

  • Raise complaints about own flat or common areas or on behalf of resident holders.
  • Full accessibility and visibility of the progress of complaint.
  • Forward the concerned complaint to the authorized department or to the personnel.
  • Selection of Complain type: Personal/society
  • Provide rating and reviews on complain performance.
  • Upload /Capture of complain and description.
  • Notify members via SMS/email or app notifications

Help Desk Tools

Uloapp provides you the platform and tools to bring all residents together to build a happy community.

  • Get important contact details of employee working in society (Example-Electrician,Security, Plumber etc).
  • Get important contact details of locality or city or state (Example- Police,Hospitals,Ambulance,Fire brigade ,Restaurants,Salons and Spa,Garage,Car washing,Hotels and other).
  • Create help desk by category/images and description.
  • Get quick and efficient connect through mobile.

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